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Course Notes

Attempts at misunderstanding less

Web Development

It's hard to get anywhere with anything these days without having some understanding of the web. That used to mean having some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (+jQuery), but modern problems require modern solutions. Like React. Or any other number of web-centric tools (front-end or back-end). The idea here is to mostly pick off useful lessons learned or include moderatly helpful reference material. But distilled learnings will be detailed elsewhere (e.g.,

Computer Science

Tired of black box abstractions? Time for computer science. It is certainly possible to get by with rudimentary computer science knowledge, but that is all you are doing. Getting by. Not thriving. Knowledge, or at least awareness, of what is going on "under the hood" can lead to not only more effective development practices but also more fulfilling career paths. Try not to understand more but to misunderstand less.

Software Engineering

Most things will fall into this category if it does not fall directly into web development or computer science (at least on this site). It is possible that some courses are explicitly about software engineering, but most courses may only be tangentially related. This is more of a catch-all category than anything else.